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Assessing the State of Your Digitized Procedures and Work Instructions

With increasing pressure to quickly and effectively train less experienced workers, organizations are challenged with documenting and sharing expertise and knowledge to enable their deskless workforce. And as industrial machines and systems continue to grow in complexity, even the most experienced workers need an agile approach to learning, upskilling and staying up to date so that they can competently operate and maintain the latest equipment.

Where are you in your digital journey and digitizing procedures in your organization?

Get the eBook to explore common phases of digitized procedures for the deskless workforce and note that you may find yourself in between phases or in multiple phases. As an example, you may have some procedures documented while others live in the heads or experts. Or maybe you documented procedures for an audit some time so, but the “real” procedure is largely undocumented. That’s OK. Yours may not be a linear progression. Wherever you are, we have some suggestions for updating your approach using modern work instructions and job aid tools.

Assess the State of Your Digitized Procedures Today

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