iPad Augmented Reality Work Instruction App

The iPad, with its familiar user interface, AR capabilities, and mobile form factor, is a great device on which to use the Manifest platform. The Manifest iPad app supports both using the app to create work instructions as well as following work instructions to execute a job or procedure. With this latest app update, which is currently available in iTunes, using the iPad as an operational tool, to complete tasks faster and more accurately, has been improved in two important ways. 

the Manifest iPad app now supports Choice Notes, a powerful capability to enable branched work instructions which are useful in providing guidance for complex tasks. Operators following instructions with Choice Notes, will have up to 5 multiple choice options in each step that will direct them to a sub procedure or the next step of a procedure. So, the path of a procedure can be based on dynamic conditions or the results of a previous step.

Manifest Connect, the integrated communication and collaboration tool that enables workers to reach out to remote experts for video chats and sharing, has also been updated to provide remote experts more powerful collaboration features when using the iPad.  Now, Remote experts can guide and direct workers using an iPad and the Manifest app. Experts can create holographic targets that hover over a specific location or create “wayfinding” directional arrows, both of which will guide a worker’s focus and gaze to a correct location – a machine’s power button for example.   Experts now can also create annotations, using free form digital ink input that will create pen strokes that will appear as holograms, displayed over the real-world environment with a worker’s field of vision. Annotations can provide more context, a more detailed explanation or highlight a location or procedure.  Eye tracking, exclusive to Manifest, is also now available with the iPad app, enabling experts to understand where workers are focusing and enable them to provide further guidance based on their focus. With this release, the iPad app is enhanced to really take advantage of AR and holograms enabling communicating and collaborating at an unprecedented level.