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man in yellow vest using augmented reality headset in the field

XR Field Services Market Map for 2023

Extended Reality solutions have quickly proven to be more than just a tech novelty. Over the years, as the technology in the ecosystem has evolved, companies have begun to uncover endless new ways to leverage XR in day-to-day operations.

enterprise metaverse digital work instruction software

Are We on the Edge of an Enterprise Metaverse?

Much has been made of the metaverse as an emerging marketing, entertainment and gaming channel. A global market valued at $47.48B, the metaverse is expected to achieve a nearly 40% CAGR, growing to an astounding $678.8B by 2030, with some estimates showing growth projections into the trillions of dollars.

CES logo and men wearing magic leap headsets

All The XR At CES 2023

Magic Leap is all business now. Enterprises are looking for technology that can offer front line workers on-the-job training, which is especially important in operations with a high turn-over of low-skilled workers.