Links to manifest should follow the following format:

Views include the following:

  • AssetView?id=id – Opens a specified asset window
  • AssetClassView?id=id – Opens a specified asset class window
  • JobBoardView – Opens the job board
  • JobView?id=id – Opens a specified job
  • LocationsView – Opens the locations list window
  • LocationView?id=id – Opens a location detail window for specified location
  • SearchView – Opens the search window
  • SettingsView – Opens the settings window
  • TemplateView?id=id&assetId=id – Opens a template window

These can be linked to in a href as shown:
<a href="com.taqtile.manifest:JobView?id=11">Job 11</a>
<a href="com.taqtile.manifest:LocationDetailView?id=1">Location 1</a>

Ebara 3D Series Pump MTC Zero