HoloMaps is the first app of its kind for navigating through a holographic model while simultaneously overlaying real-time data in either a solo or shared experience.

3D Maps

The HoloMaps Store Edition integrates Bing 3D to delivery over 200 cities and landmarks as a 3D model of any size in a solo experience.


Data Overlays

HoloMaps features data source integration to bring contextually relevant information into the map.

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Collaboration & Sharing

Use HoloMaps to collaborate and present to colleagues in the same room or remotely, at the same time or asynchronously.

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the Features.

  • 5 different map providers, including Bing 3D, ArcGIS, and Mapbox Classic.
  • Over 30 different map types.
  • Over 220 3D cities and landmarks.
  • Pan, rotate, zoom, and scale.
  • Current and forecast weather.
  • Live traffic displays flow lines and incidents.
  • Twitter: live geo-tagged tweets.
  • 3D inking and voice-to-text annotation.
  • Use on your own or with others, local or remote.
  • Voice-command enabled.
  • Capture mixed reality pictures & video.

Optimized for Mixed Reality.

As one of the first Microsoft HoloLens developer partners, Taqtile prides itself on delivering great mixed reality experiences for HoloLens. HoloMaps is the first 3D Map Viewer for HoloLens with data integration and shared experience features. HoloMaps architecture extends HoloLens to the enterprise for a host of tailored solutions for site planning, management, security and more.

Holomaps Applications.

Smart Cities

HoloMaps enables city stakeholders to understand existing systems such as police fleet movement, model projected growth, plan for major events, and more.


The hospitality applications of HoloMaps range from planning venue construction and renovation to assessing event security needs to selling venue space and sponsorships.


HoloMaps is appropriate for a variety of humanitarian use-cases: predict the rise in water levels due to flooding to plan evacuation and relief or analyse the spread of disease.


With HoloMaps, sports franchises, venues, and players can integrate custom data for purposes such as performance review, tournament planning, and enhanced fan experiences.

Holomaps projects.

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