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White Paper: Digital Augmentation of DoD Operations

For a more lethal joint force on the base and in the field.


The United States’ national defense strategy is focused on building a more lethal  force, where digital modernization is a cornerstone. Leveraging data is a key enabler for artificial intelligence and related technologies that are key to improving combat power and creating leap-ahead capabilities. Taqtile’s augmented- and mixed-reality software product, Manifest, fuses data from four domains (service member, place, machine and procedure) to create digitally augmented operations on the base and in the field  for a  more  lethal  joint  force.  Manifest presents relevant data to service members as they execute tasks and updates the sources of data in real-time with progress updates and sensor readings to maintain the single source of truth for the artificial intelligence and related technologies required to evolve and adapt quicker than our adversaries. 

Finding faults in processes, equipment, and facilities is to be celebrated as well. Indeed, fault reporting is a core maintenance concept used to increase operational availability and reduce operating costs. Finding and resolving faults proactively provide opportunities to avoid unplanned maintenance, minimize downtime, and make preventative improvements.

Manifest has long been used by maintenance technicians and mechanics at organizations such as Jabil, the United States Army, and the New Zealand Defense Force, as another way to manage preventative maintenance.  It helps make maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) and inspection procedures more efficient and accurate to keep equipment operating properly and to make facilities safer and more compliant. With the latest release of Manifest, we have added new fault reporting capabilities to further improve these procedures.

Manifest’s new fault system enables workers to flag faults while performing maintenance procedures and inspections and then review and resolve these faults. Fault data becomes part of the job history so data on which faults occurred, where they occurred, when they occurred, and who resolved them are archived in the system. There is more. 

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