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Can I run AR-enabled work instructions on-prem (in my facilities and on my network)?

Yes, you can. Many AR-enabled work instruction solutions are designed to be delivered and used as a software as a service (SAAS). This is an incredibility convenient way to use software as it minimizes traditional IT hurdles such as installation and maintenance that can slow down the adoption or use of technology.  

However, or some organizations, such as those with critical security and privacy concerns or austere environments that are isolated, remote or lack connectivity for other reasons, deploying AR-enabled work instructions fully on-premise without any connectivity to the internet or outside networks may be required.   

Most work instruction solutions available today, do not support such deployments. However, solutions such as Taqtile’s Manifest, will support on-premise deployments. Typically, a solution would need to be architected with a modern, containerized architecture so the software could run in a hosted, cloud environment or on a dedicated, on-premise server. 


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