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The Power of the Cubes

We turn the Cube and it twists us.

Erno Rubik

Ahh the Rubik’s Cube – what a simple but maddening puzzle. With its 43 quintillion possible permutations, many of us have been twisted by it, indeed.  But not our cubes.  We’ve added some powerful cubes to Manifest to help make managing and manipulating 3D models much easier. So when you turn a Manifest cube, it will twist your 3D model – not you. 

Digital Twins

Digital twins are static or animated 3D models of real-world equipment, often incorporating real-time, Internet of Things (IoT) data such as temperature and pressure.  Incorporating 3D models and digital twins with augmented reality (AR)-enhanced work instructions provide an unprecedented level of guidance to deskless workers to help them understand and get their jobs done faster and better – it is one of the fundamental reasons why using AR can help decrease errors and drive consistency. 3D models provide insight and understanding to workers that is just not possible any other way. They provide the ability to view or virtually interact with physically large pieces of equipment or vehicles too big or difficult to transportThey provide the ability to look inside or at the back of a piece of equipment fixed in place.  Animated models can be used to give a visual view of how a machine is taken apart or put back together.  Digital twins provide access to clear, uncomplicated views of the equipment and its individual components, making it easier to perform training in a classroom or remote environment, follow repair and maintenance procedures on-site, and review equipment remotely. 

New Manifest Tools for 3D Models

While not necessary, 3D models and digital twins are used by most of Manifest’s customers. And Taqtile has and continues to innovate and evolve Manifest to ensure incorporating, managing, and manipulating these models within the solution is a great and powerful experience for users. A great example of that innovation is the latest update to Manifest, version 2.4. We completely rethought and redesigned how to interact with 3D models and developed new tools and a set-up wizard. Work instructions steps can now be created to automatically show a specific view of a 3D model, such as a rotated perspective or an exploded view, or automatically play an animation, making it easier and faster for workers to use and understand from 3D models. 

Bounding Box

A second cube introduced with the Manifest 2.4 update is the Bounding Box. The new Bounding Box provides another tool to Authors to help manipulate 3D models by encasing the model in a box with direct interaction tools available to scale, rotate, or reposition – directly with the model’s bounding box. 

gas ball valve digital instruction guide

These new cubes are powerful but don’t worry about them twisting you up when you turn them. These cubes were designed to make your work easier and less frustrating. 

Learn more

There is a lot more in the Manifest 2.4 update so be sure to check out all the details on our community site here. If you want to talk to someone on our team and see a demo of the cubes or other features, let us know here. 


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