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Forbes: Where Will 5G Make A Significant Impact For Big Business?

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5G has been designed from the start to meet the needs of enterprise customers, and it’s already starting to make an impact. `

Businesses of all sizes, from large enterprises down to microbusinesses, are looking to 5G not only to provide mobile communications but also to service a new work-from-anywhere (WFX) paradigm. Although no one could have foreseen this current situation, it turns out that 5G has arrived at just the right time to help us rebuild and reshape the post-pandemic economy.

One of the most exciting use cases is mixed reality—superimposing virtual images onto real surroundings to create an augmented reality scenario, which can be used to help front-line workers perform their tasks more effectively.

“Augmented and virtual reality technology is a key area of focus at T-Mobile for 5G use-case development, and it is applicable to so many industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, agriculture and more,” John Saw, executive vice president of advanced and emerging technologies at T-Mobile, said in a recent blog post.

In his blog post, Saw describes how Timberline Communications Inc., a company that builds out communications infrastructure, is using AR over a 5G connection to perform cell site upgrades and maintenance on T-Mobile’s own network. The AR software developed by Taqtile—a recent graduate of the 5G Open Innovation Lab, and co-founded by T-Mobile—is hosted in the cloud. By superimposing visual instructions over relevant equipment, it allows TCI’s technicians to perform routine maintenance and troubleshoot problems using remote assistance. AR solutions like these can enable front-line workers to update their skills from any location, with the ability to explore machinery and installations in 3D from every angle. 


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