5G Open Innovation Lab: Exclusive Look – Beyond What’s Next with Taqtile

What could you do with #AugmentedReality? The possibilities are endless – just ask Taqtile.

Taqtile makes Manifest, a platform to harness, distribute and apply what you know. Manifest gives desk-less workers instant virtual access to, and step-by-step guidance from, your most experienced technicians and trainers anywhere, anytime.

Founder and CEO Dirck T. Schou Jr. has over 20 years in business development in the technology sector and extensive experience building companies.

He has focused on identifying early technologies that will revolutionize various aspects of the enterprise and building compelling real-world use cases and business models that scale.


How to design a successful augmented reality pilot project

Learn how to evaluate Augmented Work Instructions in your facilities with your equipment and your people. Capture the metrics that clearly demonstrate how this ground breaking technology can transform your training and operations.