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Dirck Schou of Taqtile On How 5G Technology May Improve and Impact Our Lives

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When it comes to the work lives of frontline employees, 5G is going to bring usable technology like AR to their workplace. These workers will finally have access to digitized knowledge when and where they do their jobs. And this digitized knowledge can be presented in more than static text and images, but in video and in 3D renderings, which will increase their confidence and ability to complete complex tasks.

G infrastructure is being installed around the world. At the same time, most people have not yet seen what 5G can offer. What exactly is 5G? How will it improve our lives? What are the concerns that need to be addressed before it is widely adopted?

In our series, called, How 5G Technology May Improve and Impact Our Lives, we are talking to tech and telecom leaders who can share how 5G can impact and enhance our lives.

As a part of this series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dirck Schou, Founder and CEO of Taqtile.

Dirck has over 20 years in business development in the technology sector and extensive experience building companies. He has focused on identifying early technologies that will revolutionize various aspects of the enterprise and building compelling real-world use cases and business models that scale. Dirck has been involved in two IPO’s and an acquisition including running the Western North America and Asia divisions of nCipher when it IPO’d in 2000.

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