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5G Will Unleash the Power of Enterprise AR

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AR Insider, by Kelly Malone – Consumer marketing of 5G feels ubiquitous. While 5G will eventually deliver significant benefits to consumers, enterprises will be first to realize the technology’s advantages. The combination of edge computing, 5G devices and network coverage will create a tipping point for an enterprise cellular market that will become as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi is today. And AR will be the poster child for 5G’s benefits.

Backing up, the sprawling footprints of industrial organizations beg for technology like 5G. High-speed cellular coverage will be available throughout dispersed industrial environments that can’t be served by Wi-Fi alone. And 5G cellular connectivity for field-based use cases — including AR platforms that help front-line workers keep complex machinery in good working order — will realize ample value.

There are also many enterprises that haven’t deployed wireless infrastructure for cost or security reasons. But the recent adoption of mobile digital tools by front-line workers to perform daily tasks makes 5G a valuable investment for those very organizations. 5G may even be easier to deploy and deliver more functionality than new Wi-Fi in many cases.

Maximizing expertise within organizations is also an enterprise priority supported by AR, and optimized by 5G. When new employees are hired, there’s a natural lack of knowledge and experience that must be overcome. Using AR to capture the knowledge of seasoned experts and distribute it to new staff, regardless of location, will greatly benefit organizations.

The bottom line is that advanced enterprise AR application developers and their customers will immediately benefit from 5G’s flexibility, reliability, and adaptability. This will happen across the enterprise landscape in industries ranging from manufacturing to military.


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