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Will HoloLens transform air travelers into characters in a mixed-reality world?

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Imagine a world where headset-wearing flight attendants can instantly know how you’re feeling based on a computer analysis of your facial expression.

Actually, you don’t need to imagine: That world is already in beta, thanks to Air New Zealand, Dimension Data and Microsoft HoloLens.

In May, the airline announced that it was testing HoloLens’ mixed-reality system as a tool for keeping track of passengers’ preferences in flight – for example, their favorite drink and preferred menu items. And if the imaging system picked up the telltale furrowed brow of an anxious flier, that could be noted in an annotation displayed to the flight attendant through the headset.

“This software is a great example of us collaborating with other partners, and exploring how technology could enhance the way our people work as well as the experience they deliver to our customers through greater personalization,” Avi Golan, Air New Zealand’s chief digital officer, said in a news release.


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