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Apple’s Tim Cook Discusses Augmented Reality

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The Apple CEO expressed his passion for AR technology and Chinese developers in an interview at WWDC

XR TODAY — June 21, 2022 – Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Executive spoke about the potential of augmented reality (AR) on Apple devices at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on Tuesday last week.

Tim also complimented technological innovations led by Chinese application developers, he said in an interview with China Daily.In the chat with China Daily Reporter Ma Si, Tim explained,

I am incredibly excited about AR as you may know, and the critical thing in any technology, including AR, is putting humanity at the center of it. That is what we focus on every day”


Considering humanity and ethics in the extended reality (XR) and Metaverse landscape affects many immersive firms and thought leaders.

Companies such as Unity Technologies run humanities fundraisers and awards showcases, and Meta Platforms is building an ethical metaverse after users reported disruptive behaviour in virtual environments.

Currently, Apple supports many AR experiences on its iPhone and iPad mobile devices, many which contain a powerful Lidar scanner that accurately detects environments, people, and objects to project AR visualisations in the real world.

Most importantly, Apple supports mobile AR experiences aimed at consumers, leading to many social media and gaming opportunities. However, consumer-focused avenues also present rich and engaging marketing opportunities for brands on platforms like Snapchat.

Furthermore, remote guidance vendors such as Arvizio and Taqtile employ Apple’s AR-ready mobile devices to improve communications for dispersed workforces and enhance the distribution of big data assets like digital twins. Additionally, Apple has supplied its Lidar scanners to other XR firms, including drone services for preservation and surveying.


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