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eLearning Trailblazers: Immersive Learning Pioneers

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Immersive Learning Thought Leaders

Enhancing immersion is a top priority for every Instructional Designer, L&D pro, and educator. Learners need to feel like they play an active role in the experience and apply their newfound knowledge in context. Fortunately, we have these immersive learning trailblazers to lead the way and encourage us to put our lateral thinking caps on when it comes to using AR, VR, and other modern technologies in eLearning development. In no particular order, here are the top immersive learning pioneers who keep us in the know about emerging tech and are always ready and willing to share their XR expertise with the crowd.

Immersive Learning Pioneers You Need To Know About

Dirck T. Schou Jr.

Dirck T. Schou Jr. is the co-founder of Taqtile, a leading provider of enterprise and SaaS software solutions that incorporate immersive learning methods such as AR, VR, and MR to capture knowledge and help people reach their maximum potential. Dirck is an expert in designing and deploying innovative solutions in the form of applications and platforms that help his clients grow, overcome real-world challenges, and realize their visions.


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