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AR to advance maintenance operations at nuclear reactors

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Augmented reality (AR) enables workers at reactors to access manual and instructional videos, and speak directly to colleagues and experts thousands of miles away, as they complete maintenance tasks.

Nuclear Engineering International – The safe and efficient operation of a nuclear facility depends upon an expertly trained workforce capable of maintaining, diagnosing, and servicing sophisticated systems and complete equipment that must work – and work together – flawlessly.

Utilities can invest a million dollars and more to train an individual operator, over 18 months and more. The goal is exceptional competence and procedural adherence, and a solid knowledge of plant design and theory.But even with the best training, there is no replacement for operators with hands-on experience, who possess a level of knowledge unobtainable in a classroom or training programme. Utilities need to put this invaluable knowledge to work.

Simultaneously, energy companies need to upskill frontline veterans. Additional skill sets are frequently at technology’s cutting-edge and it is essential to provide ongoing and regular training to operators.

Technological advances are providing innovative ways to tap into the knowledge and skill sets of experienced workers and train new generations of operators on core procedures and new protocols. Specifically, advanced augmented reality (AR) systems that enable nuclear facility operators to keep fully up to speed on best practices, and empower them to access expert instruction on rarely used procedures when necessary.

Read more at Nuclear Engineering International.


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