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Make it Right Podcast: Augmented Reality – Futuristic Tools for NOW Manufacturing

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Manufacturing has an aging workforce. In the US alone at least one quarter is 55 or older many are taking their knowledge with them when they retire. Manufacturing has an image problem. It’s having trouble attracting young people as the sector is not seen as lucrative, highly skill or high tech. Manufacturing also faced a new challenge recently… the inability for everyone to be hands on, on-site during the pandemic. There are a variety of technologies that can help manufacturers with each of these challenges. Today we look at the use of augmented reality maintenance and training tools to understand what they are and how they can work for manufacturers. Kevin Snook and Janet Eastman talk Dirck Schou, CEO of augmented reality technology company Taqtile.


How to design a successful augmented reality pilot project

Learn how to evaluate Augmented Work Instructions in your facilities with your equipment and your people. Capture the metrics that clearly demonstrate how this ground breaking technology can transform your training and operations.