CNH Industrial joins 5G Open Innovation Lab as first industry partner

Lab Announces Batch #4 companies

CNH Industrial has joined the 5G Open Innovation Lab (“5G OI Lab”) as the first industry partner to rapidly accelerate applied innovation in agriculture and manufacturing, the Lab announced today. The Lab also today welcomed 12 new startups building breakthrough innovations, from deep learning technology for automotive vision to new cybersecurity platforms, artificial intelligence voice technology infrastructure, wildfire detection systems and more.

"The 5G Open Innovation Lab is a pioneering and critical member of this ecosystem that fills a vital role in gluing parts together," said Dirck Schou, Founder and CEO of Taqtile, a member of the Lab's inaugural batch in 2020. "Directly as a result of our membership in the first class of the Lab, Taqtile is now engaged with several companies, including Intel, T-Mobile, Amdocs, Dell and Microsoft testing real-world implementations of our solution for industrial workers over 5G networks and topology. Without the lab, it would have been incredibly difficult or impossible for us to access these customers and testbeds. Our involvement with the 5GOI Lab has fundamentally changed our company's trajectory and has opened up opportunities we would otherwise not have been able to access," Schou said.

Dirck T. Schou, Jr., CEO TaqtiLe

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