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Downer invests in emerging augmented reality technology to enhance operational efficiency

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Downer has made a key strategic enhancement to frontline operational efficiency and employee experience by partnering with the world’s leading augmented reality work instruction platform, Manifest from Taqtile, Inc.

For Downer to continue delivering outstanding services for our customers, we require an engaged, skilled workforce. To help achieve this, we are committed to exploring emerging technologies that deliver a step change to the frontline employee experience.

The tight labour market impacting companies world-wide, combined with a shifting trend towards people spending less time with their employer than previous generations, has heightened the emphasis on solutions that help organisations speed up the time it takes to train and enable new employees for operational duty – particularly frontline workers. In addition, new workforce entrants are expecting a training and onboarding experience that closer aligns to their learning and social interaction platforms.

Taqtile’s cutting-edge Manifest program provides the solution – delivering a fundamental shift to frontline employee training and upskilling, and the capture of best practice methodologies.

Manifest’s technical advantages and the maturation of the augmented reality-enabled work instruction market are leading to accelerated deployment of Taqtile’s industry-leading platform in key markets, including Defence, manufacturing, utilities, transport and logistics. 

Having worked with Taqtile for two years, Downer has witnessed how effective the platform can be in capturing proprietary knowledge to ensure that the next generation of deskless employees learn quickly, and have access to the knowledge and assistance required to complete complex tasks.

We are now expanding the partnership by investing in Taqtile.

Importantly, this will not only allow Downer to implement the technology within our operations, but also offer a value-add solution to our customers to improve their own operating efficiency.

Downer is currently deploying the solution across Defence and infrastructure projects in Australia and New Zealand, and will then continue rolling it out across other parts of the Group.

Downer Group Chief Executive Officer, Grant Fenn, said the partnership with Taqtile would increase our ability to continue to deliver outstanding results for customers.

“Downer’s partnership with Taqtile will enhance the way our frontline work is performed,” Mr Fenn said. “The services Downer delivers for our customers impact the lives of millions of people across Australia and New Zealand every day, so it is important that we implement industry-leading technology to support the productivity, efficiency and safety of our operations.

“Manifest is the clear leader in the AR-based work instruction space, providing companies like Downer – and our customers – with a strong operational advantage.” 

How it works

By leveraging proven technologies, including augmented reality, 3D visualisation, and real-time collaborative communication, Taqtile’s Manifest platform empowers deskless employees to complete complex tasks more efficiently, completely and safely than ever before. Information is delivered right at the location of the equipment, resulting in faster training and flawless execution of critical procedures. Manifest is also adept at digitising complex inspection processes, delivering more accountable methods for tracking inspection results and data, and enabling efficient resolution processes. When instances arise where frontline workers require more detailed instruction or help with troubleshooting, live remote assistance from the company’s operations centre or even from the Original Equipment Manufacturer is available.  

“Taqtile solves an acute business problem plaguing companies in multiple industries – managing the widening skills gap among frontline employees performing essential tasks,” Taqtile CEO, Dirck Schou, said. “Manifest’s advanced technology and the exceptional usability we are building into the platform is fundamentally changing how companies are supporting their deskless employees and improving the overall performances of their businesses.”


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