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Enhanced Digital Twin Capabilities from Taqtile Make It Easier to Complete Complex Tasks

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Digital twins in the Manifest augmented reality (AR) work-instruction platform from Taqtile provide the ability for front-line workers to view and virtually interact with physical equipment.

Either static or animated 3D models, Manifest digital twins are capable of incorporating IoT data and provide clear, uncomplicated views of individual components, making it easier and safer to complete complex tasks.

SEATTLEAug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Taqtile continues to make its industry-leading Manifest work-instruction platform more powerful and easier for front-line workers to use with the enhanced capabilities of its virtual digital twins. Viewed and manipulated within the Manifest® augmented reality (AR) environment, digital twins are static or animated 3D models of real-world equipment which can be fused with Internet of Things (IoT) data, such as RPMs, pressure, and temperature.

The key benefit of Manifest digital twins is the ability to view and virtually interact with physically large pieces of equipment. Digital twins provide access to clear, uncomplicated views of the equipment and its individual components, making it easier to follow repair and maintenance procedures on-site, perform training in a classroom, and review equipment remotely.

Digital twins are simple to incorporate into Manifest, requiring little to no 3D CAD expertise. Views from different perspectives can be made available to operators via Manifest drop-down menus or automatically displayed in the context of a specific step or task. Virtual views inside the equipment itself are possible, enabling operators to see the state of the equipment and understand how individual pieces of machinery are constructed.

“Digital twins are the latest example of how we are constantly improving the functionality and usability of Manifest, making it more valuable for our customers and their front-line employees,” said Dirck Schou, CEO, Taqtile. “There is not another application in the workplace that so elegantly unites step-by-step procedures, access to remote knowledge experts, real-time IoT data, and anywhere-anytime availability in one platform like Manifest.”

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