Immersive Learning: XR Today Expert Round Table

Experts from four companies share their knowledge on the effectiveness of immersive learning, its benefits to the trainer and trainee, as well as the future of the XR educational industry

Our panellists have discussed the value of XR in the training and education industry, the cost effectiveness of XR solutions compared to traditional instructional methods, and the potential of such tools in the coming years.

Dirck Schou: Our Manifest work instruction platform is the epitome of intuitive. We’re democratizing expertise by essentially making everyone an expert through the delivery of knowledge in ways that empower frontline workers to do their jobs.

Dirck Schou: Customers implementing our Manifest AR work instruction platform are reducing training times from weeks to mere days. Once trained, the accuracy of the work conducted by frontline staff is higher than through traditional classroom training methods, reducing the time it takes to resolve issues and minimizing equipment downtime.

Dirck Schou: For decades, office workers have reaped the benefits of new technologies while deskless workers – representing 80 percent of the global workforce – have never been given the opportunity to take advantage of digital tools.


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