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Magic Leap Could ‘Leap’ into AR-Focused Healthcare Solutions Market

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New CEO Peggy Johnson focuses on healthcare, manufacturing, and the public sector with new smaller, lighter, faster, cheaper, all-day wearable Magic Leap Two.

Magic Leap is an augmented reality (AR) company that works to amplify human potential through a transformational impact on professional productivity. According to Business Insider, Magic Leap cut half the company’s workforce in late April 2020 and decided to focus solely on enterprise applications. Since then, the company’s board appointed Peggy Johnson as the new CEO, and speculation has grown that the company may recently have signed a terms sheet with a major health company — potentially leveraging greater impact on the clinical simulation community.

Such an investment could provide Magic Leap with the lifeline needed to progress toward more healthcare-focused AR applications. In a 2020 Business Insider article, the platform shared that “the unnamed health company reportedly plans to use Magic Leap’s AR headsets for surgical procedures and healthcare professional training.”

Also relating to the company’s future endeavors, during a VivaTech event in 2021, VentureBeat reported that Johnson announced the impending launch of the Magic Leap Two device later in 2021. According to VentureBeat, she said this technology will be about half the size of Magic Leap One (about 20% lighter), and the solution will have about three to four times the processing power. Additionally, the rendering and images are extremely high-fidelity, the report states.


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