Manifest Launch & The Q Arena

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Dirck T. Schou, Jr., Taqtile Co-Founder – I’m happy to be able to share some exciting developments that have taken place here at Taqtile since my last post!

First, today we are launching Manifest. Manifest is Taqtile’s HoloLens solution for compliance, inspection, and field service. It is a Holographic/3D solution for hands-free authoring of step-by-step instructions with content (video, pictures, voice notes, model attachments, etc.), and it allows users to perform inspections, maintenance, and other complex tasks. The goal of Manifest is to provide a robust platform to assist workers to execute and learn complex and sophisticated actions.

Manifest was created in partnership with Microsoft’s Public Sector team. Though the applications of the solution are countless, there are four primary user roles that this summary will address: training, operation, inspection, and authoring. I’ll walk you through them, using the example of a United States Air Force jet engine mechanic.