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Microsoft’s Top 350 U.S. Partners

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Who are the best Microsoft U.S. partners? You'll find them in this RCPmag.com list of the top 350 Microsoft partners, from global systems integrators to data specialists to small, highly competent regional operators.

Microsoft has one of the largest, most complex and most varied partner communities in the world. With so many product families, partner certification types and partner business models, it’s a challenge for customers to figure out which of the tens of thousands of Microsoft partners in the United States might be able to help them, and which ones are the best.

The RCP 350 gives customers a short list of partners they should definitely consider for their IT needs.

Using our 16+ years of experience exclusively covering the Microsoft channel community, Redmond Channel Partner magazine has compiled this list of 350 top Microsoft partners operating in the United States.


We’ve scoured various sources to identify the strongest Microsoft partners in the United States. We accepted nominations. We considered partners in the Inner Circle, tracked companies formerly in the Microsoft National Solution Provider program through thickets of acquisitions, reviewed Microsoft’s growing list of new Azure-related specialty certifications, monitored Microsoft’s worldwide and U.S. partner awards and mined our own previous awards and coverage.


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