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PGA Tour Eyes iOS Augmented Reality App This Spring

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The PGA Tour has published an augmented reality experience that lets fans take a virtual tour of the TPC Scottsdale golf course with Hololens. And now the league is accelerating those efforts with the launch an iOS augmented reality app this spring.

Built in conjunction with Taqtile, a startup that builds map-based augmented reality experiences (including this one for the Cleveland Cavaliers), the app offers users access to real-time local weather and PGA TOUR ShotLink data of player statistics from last year’s Waste Management tournament, where the Hololens experience first debuted but wasn’t made public until now.

Fans will be able to view their favorite players by hole and see their shot trails and compare two players on each hole to see how they performed and the distance they achieved with each shot. Heat maps of each hole show where the most ball traffic occurred during the tournament.


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