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Local business giants T-Mobile and Microsoft are part of the Bellevue-based 5G Open Innovation Lab

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Bringing tech leaders together with startups to 'unleash' the potential of 5G.

425Business – Some feel our area could become the Silicon Valley of 5G innovation, thanks in large part to a high-powered group of companies that includes Bellevue-based T-Mobile, Redmond-based Microsoft, and other marquee partners collaborating with developers and startups to discover, test, and exploit 5G’s full potential.

Collectively, along with academia and government institutions, those companies form an ecosystem known as the 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OI Lab). The lab is the brainchild of founder and general partner Jim Brisimitzis, a former 14-year employee of Microsoft, where his last role was general manager, cloud developer relations. After leaving Microsoft in 2018, the self-described “super geeky dude who likes to fiddle with technology” looked for his next challenge and began studying 5G and talking to tech-industry contacts.

Illustration by Alex Schloer


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