XR Association Hosts Eight Immersive Tech Firms

The organisation welcomed the new members as it expands its ranks and pushes for XR inclusivity

The XR Association (XRA), the premier trade association representing major tech firms for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, announced on Tuesday it had expanded its organisation with eight new members.

New members include XR firms Taqtile, Genesys Impact, Immersive Worlds LLC, Elm Park Labs, Pearson, Mieron, Schell Games, and Striver.

The new members will work jointly along with the XRA’s three core pillars – Community, Advocacy, and Leadership – to liaise and team up with industry colleagues as well as build new relationships.

The XRA will also provide a forum for outlining the future of the XR industry with concepts such as legislative and policy frameworks as well as new research and ideas.

Liz Hyman, Chief Executive of the XRA, said that her Association was “grateful” for and welcoming to all the new members as “we come together to support the responsible development and thoughtful advancement of XR.”

The news comes as the organisation hosts its Limitless Future Conference in November this year, with registrations currently open for attending. Last year’s half-day event gathered professionals and executives across the industry to explore training and education use cases for immersive technology.

Our members are anticipating the solutions XR presents in not only a consumer setting but in tangible industries like education, healthcare, and manufacturing. We share our new members’ excitement about the limitless possibilities of XR technology”

Liz Hyman, Chief Executive of the XRA

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