80% of the global workforce is deskless. That’s 2.8 billion people who have been technologically underserved, misunderstood, and/or completely ignored.

Taqtile exists to empower and equip people with the tools they need to complete their jobs flawlessly, accurately, every time.

Leveraging augmented reality and spatial computing, Manifest empowers your workers to get their jobs done more consistently, more accurately and more safely – creating an agile workforce to meet your most critical business goals.

Increase operational efficiencies

Regardless of skill level and experience, Manifest helps workers operate equipment more proficiently and perform complex tasks more efficiently.

Reduce errors and scrap

With Manifest, jobs are completed more accurately and consistently, decreasing errors and avoiding mistakes that lead to scrapped product, lower quality and more manufacturing runs

Decrease training times

Spatial computing enables hands-on, immersive, and engaging training that facilitates comprehension and increases knowledge retention – making training more effective and faster

With innovative use of augmented reality and spatial computing, Manifest work instructions provide deskless workers with always available, virtual and remote access to experts and step-by-step procedures documented by your most experienced technicians anywhere, anytime.   Organizations can track and evaluate operational performance by connecting Manifest to existing workflows and business systems to share business and IoT data

A complete end to end work instructions solution with integrated remote collaboration capabilities

A simple, free video tool to help digitize your procedures and create step-by-step Manifest work instructions