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425 Million Users can’t be Wrong

Manifest iPadOS v2.3

At Taqtile, our team has a lot of fun working with the most innovative, leading-edge AR-enabled devices. The Magic Leap or HoloLens 2 are great examples of devices that we use regularly.  They are incredible computers and offer a glimpse into how people will use AR to fundamentally change the way they interact with the physical world. And their value and impact on deskless workers in industrial settings is clear. There is no doubt that these devices, with software such as Manifest, are changing the way things are built and maintained.

But one of the quiet workhorse devices in the industry is the iPad. Apple introduced the iPad just over 10 years ago and has since shipped 425 million units! Almost immediately, the iPad was adopted for industrial applications in manufacturing, transportation, and many other verticals.  Its relatively affordable price point, large display, and long battery life, coupled with its portability is a game changer for the billions of deskless workers. It offers a completely new access point to software and SAAS solutions that have enabled engineers and technicians to stay out of the front office or control rooms and spend more time on shop floors or in the field where their expertise is needed. And today, they are no longer unusual devices. Many workers have these devices at home and are very familiar using them. Indeed, many younger workers have grown up with iPads.

We believe the iPad is an extraordinary device for Manifest users. It’s well suited for broad deployment and for many organizations, it is often already in use for other applications. So, we have invested heavily in the iPad app and worked hard to make it a “first class citizen” of the Manifest ecosystem. We have released two significant updates to the app in the last 5 months, including one we shipped this week and is available on Apple App Store.

Manifest on the iPad

Today, Manifest on iPad supports all the core use cases and makes the iPad a very viable option among our broad device support. And in some cases, the iPad presents the best device for the job.  Some of what can be achieved with Manifest and the iPad include:

Easily capture the knowledge of your experts by digitizing procedures and creating step-by-step instructions. iPad is a great device for in-situ authoring in the field or on the plant floor. It has excellent capabilities for capturing photos and videos to augment the steps of a procedure.

Enable your workforce to get work and training done more quicky, consistently and accurately. Manifest on iPads enables flawless workflows. Workers can perform jobs following step-by-step procedures, including ones with sub procedures or dynamic, branched paths. iPads enable photos or videos to be collected as evidence of accurate completion of procedures; in secure locations, this can be disabled by Manifest. Workers performing inspections and maintenance procedures can flag faults in each step so that they can be logged for future resolution.

Effectively collaborate by sharing procedures across a team and enabling remote experts to collaborate and assist.  Manifest for iPads support integrated Manifest Connect capabilities that allow workers to video chat with colleagues, share see-what-I-see video, and be directed by experts in remote locations.

Enable supervisors to use iPads to manage the team and work. Completed procedures and job performance can be reviewed and analyzed. Evidence collected can be viewed and assessed. All without being in an office or at a desk. And all this information can seamlessly integrate with existing business systems for reporting, auditing, or further analysis.

Our customers frequently use multiple devices with Manifest so they can choose the right device for the job, people, and location.  Often, the iPad is one of these devices, so we are thrilled to continue to innovate and update the Manifest app for the platform.

Learn More

There is a lot in our latest version of Manifest for iPad so be sure to check out all the details on our community site here. If you want to talk to someone on our team and see a demo of Manifest running on the iPad, let us know below.

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The best way to see the power of Manifest® is to experience it yourself. Send us a message to schedule a demo.


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