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Leaping Forward, New Manifest Release for Magic Leap Headsets

Magic Leap augmented reality headset with Taqtile Manifest work instruction software

Give ordinary people the right tools, and they will design and build the most extraordinary things

Neil Gershenfeld, MIT Professor

We love this quote – it represents everything we are trying to do here at Taqtile with Manifest. We are striving to make the best tool for deskless workers to enable and empower them to create and build extraordinary things and do their jobs extraordinarily well. It also speaks to our commitment to flexibility and choice. We not only want to build the best tool but also offer choices to provide the right tool for each job. 

Flexibility comes in many forms. Many of Manifest customers value the options to deploy in public or private clouds or in secured environments “on premise”. Others leverage our Open API to integrate Manifest data and analytics with a myriad of back-end enterprise systems or the growing network of connected IoT devices and sensors. Perhaps, Manifest’s broad device support provide the most flexibility and options to optimize Manifest for a specific task.   

We recognize that every job is different and different procedures, environments, skill levels, and equipment will dictate the right device choice for the specific job. Some may require hands-free operation, others will benefit from the power and ease of use of a PC, while the familiarity and portability of a tablet or smartphone may be perfect for many jobs. 

Even within categories of devices, differences in user interface, weight, level of ruggedization, or price can determine the right tool. For this reason, Taqtile has worked hard to ensure that Manifest supports a variety of head-mounted displays and wearable computers.  

Manifest 3D 2.4 Release for Magic Leap

The Magic Leap is a fantastic wearable computer for enterprise productivity. It is powerful and light weight, and its three core processors can support heavy-duty 3D visualizations and collaborative co-presence.  We are excited to make the latest version of Manifest available in the Magic Leap store this week! The release makes the latest Manifest innovation available on Magic Leap platformenhances several experiences specific to the Magic Leap headset, and incorporates feedback from Magic Leap users. Some of the highlights include: 

Shared holograms Team members can now collaborate by sharing holograms during a Manifest Connect video chat to provide a greater level of context and guidance with AR content. 

Real-world use: a remote expert shares a 3D model of a marine engine during a video call with a less experienced maintenance technician performing a maintenance procedure. The expert can manipulate the view of the engine to highlight where and how to remove a part.

Hologram support in Notes Authors can record holograms in video and photo notes to leverage AR content to help operators comprehend guidance and instructionsOperators can also include holograms in video and photo Evidence Notes to include in the history and record of a Job. 

Real-world use: An inspector uses Manifest to complete a routine inspection of a transport vehicles’ drive train. While performing the task, she notices an opportunity to improve the process and guidance by changing the location of the spatial markers, so they better highlight the specific location to inspect. He can take a photo which includes the holograms to provide context to his co-worker so that the instructions can be edited and optimized for future use.

Gesture support enhancements With improvements to Magic Leap gestures support, users will have a better hands-free experience when using Manifest and Magic Leap. 

Real-world use: a worker is prepping a machine for a production line and following instructions with Manifest using a Magic Leap headset. He can step through the instructions hands-free while using his hands to manipulate the machine. No juggling a mobile device or putting down tools to page through a paper manual.

QR code scanning enhancements Scanning QR codes with Magic Leap will now be faster and more accurate providing a better experience to users 

Real-world use: a newly hired technician at a pharmaceutical company uses Manifest and Magic Leap to scan a QR code affixed to a complex, anesthesia machine to quick find and use the operating procedures for this specific machine.

As mentioned above, all the innovation of Manifest 3D 2.4, including new capabilities around managing and manipulating 3D models and digital twins is also now available to Magic Leap users. More details on these capabilities can be found in our previous blog post here. 

Learn more

There is a lot more in the Manifest 2.4 for Magic Leap update so be sure to check out all the details on our community site here. If you want to talk to someone on our team and see a demo of the Proxy Cube or other features, let us know here. 


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