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10 mixed reality trends to expect in 2020

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Advancements in AR and VR have set the stage for mixed reality. Here's what to expect, according to industry experts.

TechRepublic – Mixed reality is in its early stages, leaving primary use cases to historically be reserved for gaming. However, a shift began in 2019: Nearly 90% of businesses said they were exploring, piloting or deploying mixed reality, 

Wearables will go up a notch

“In the next few years, we will see the size of XR wearables reduce to that of a pair of eyeglasses,” said Kelly Malone, chief revenue officer, Taqtile, an AR, VR, and MR software provider. “Not only will the size and weight decrease, but the processing capability and power of the device will increase, all while the price becomes more affordable.”


How to design a successful augmented reality pilot project

Learn how to evaluate Augmented Work Instructions in your facilities with your equipment and your people. Capture the metrics that clearly demonstrate how this ground breaking technology can transform your training and operations.