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5G Open Innovation Lab’s Enterprise Partners Connect with Startups for Wireless Future

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The Lab, as it's commonly called, launched in 2020 as a burgeoning group of companies committed to 5G and its related technologies.

As the foundation for modern networks, 5G and edge computing are essential for many businesses. The Lab provides startups with connections and access to technology with the intention of developing a greater 5G community and helping startups over the speed bumps they face as young companies. 

Starting in May 2020, when the Lab accepted its first cohort of startups, it took 17 businesses into its 12-week program. 

Taqtile is another startup that participated in the first Lab cohort. It creates augmented reality (AR) training scenarios for manufacturing, technical and other front-line employees, so they can more quickly learn work processes. 

Taqtile’s VR training has shortened learning curves for workers and decreased errors in manual labor. Manifest, the AR product, can be useful for training employees remotely. The company said COVID-19 highlighted the opportunity for companies to offer low-latency, real-time data and applications, including through 5G. 

Taqtile took advantage of the chances it received through belonging to the Lab, according to Dirck Schou, Taqtile’s CEO.

“From the very beginning, Taqtile made a commitment to participate as much as possible in the opportunities that the 5G Open Innovation Lab offered,” Schou said. 

Meetings and conversations led to greater knowledge and partnership as well as increased awareness of the current technological markets. 

Belonging to the Lab enhanced Taqtile’s understanding of 5G’s role in the company. 

“As we learned more about the ins and outs of the 5G ecosystem and what it promises to the enterprise, we were able to direct our product development and our messaging such that we were in alignment with the near-future needs and opportunities in the ecosystem for which Taqtile was uniquely suited to serve,”  Schou said.

Taqtile also formulated relationships with other businesses, which then resulted in revenue and opportunities, Schou said.


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