Taqtile Helps Bryson DeChambeau Hack the Green with New HoloLens Putting Experience

How is a perfect game crafted? Is it a feeling a pro golfer gets when they are standing over a putt on the 72nd hole, squinting to line up the winning shot? Is it a tickle at the back of the neck that hints at a slight change in the wind? Perhaps it is the slight variation in the angle of their feet on the green, hinting at a deceptive slope? Bryson DeChambeau thinks the secret is data visualization. We agree.

Taqtile collaborated with Bryson DeChambeau and Microsoft on a new HoloLens putting experience currently being featured in a national TV ad campaign by Microsoft. The app can be used as either a solo or collaborative experience: Bryson can use it on his own to prepare for a tournament, or he can join up with a coach or caddie to plan his attack.


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