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Taqtile announces enhanced Digital Twin capabilities to its Manifest Augmented Reality work instruction platform

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Taqtile, a provider of enterprise software that leverages augmented reality (AR), cloud computing, and LTE/5G networks for knowledge capture and sharing, has today announced enhancements to its ‘Manifest’ AR work-instruction platform that will now allow frontline workers to fuse digital twins with Internet of Things (IoT) data in order to view and virtually interact with large pieces of equipment.

The company stated that it is continuing to improve its Manifest platform in order to make it more powerful, as well as easier for front-line workers to use with the enhanced capabilities of its virtual digital twins. Viewed and manipulated within the Manifest augmented reality environment, digital twins provide static or animated 3D models of real-world equipment that when combined with IoT data can display information such as RPMs, pressure, and temperature overlaid in augmented reality.

According to Taqtile, the key benefit of Manifest digital twins is the ability to view and virtually interact with physically large pieces of equipment. Digital twins provide access to clear, uncomplicated views of equipment and its individual components, making it easier to follow repair and maintenance procedures on-site, perform training in a classroom, and review equipment remotely.


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