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Magic Leap appoints chief product officer

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‘Tracey Trewin embodies the customer-centric, transformation-driven leadership we are building at Magic Leap,’ says CEO Peggy Johnson

Magic Leap has expanded its leadership team again, this time with the appointment of a chief product officer charged with finding use cases for its augmented reality headset.

Tracey Trewin, another former Microsoft executive following the appointment of Peggy Johnson as chief executive officer, has been appointed to the newly created role of chief product officer.

She will identify, define and target scenarios that “Magic Leap’s augmented reality platform can uniquely address for enterprise customers”. Note the description of Magic Leap 1 and its store of enterprise apps—this previously self-styled “spatial computing platform” has been recast as “augmented reality”, perhaps to better sell its capabilities to an unfamiliar enterprise market.

Trewin boasts 25 years of experience. At Microsoft, she helped turn early-stage products into scale businesses across enterprise and consumer segments, including Visual Studio, Windows and Xbox.

Her focus for the last seven years, working closely with the enterprise market to use new technologies and move customers into cloud adoption, is of particular note as she joins Magic Leap not long after the company struck a partnership with Google Cloud to develop mixed reality solutions.

“Tracey embodies the customer-centric, transformation-driven leadership we are building at Magic Leap,” explains Johnson. “She has a wealth of experience leading teams from incubation to delivering scale products.”

“Her expertise of harmonising hardware and software development in partnership with enterprise customers, and their engineering teams, will be a key component in our next phase of growth.”

The arrival of Trewin follows the appointments of Walter Delph, Ana Lang, Jose Baltazar and John Doherty to Magic Leap’s senior leadership team.


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