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Microsoft Introduces HoloLens Mixed Reality To The Job Site

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Microsoft teases practical MR worker tools for Hololens at 2018 Build Developer Conference.

Call me strange, but of all the mixed reality demos I tried at this year’s Microsoft Build Developer Conference in Seattle, Washington, the one I actually found the most fun had me repairing an electric panel.

A similar demo I tried in Seattle came from 3D app developer Taqtile. This particular app generates step-by-step instructions supported by images, videos, text and holograms, all integrated into real-world physical actions. The demonstration differentiated itself from the previous experience by providing me with zero assistance from a real-world instructor. Despite this lack of guidance, and my reputation for being the kind of person who follows the LEGO instructions to the letter and still ends up with a wonky masterpiece every time, I still managed to navigate the process all the way to the end and lo and behold, the light switched on! It’s all about those simple pleasures.

Taqtile’s interface makes it easy for anybody to create such a list of instructions, which can then be used in a variety of scenarios from training and simulation, to verification and compliance.


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