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Apr 28

“Manifest Launch & The Q Arena” – Dirck Schou

"Today we are launching Manifest. Manifest is Taqtile’s HoloLens solution for compliance, inspection, and field service. It is a Holographic/3D solution for hands-free authoring of step-by-step instructions with content (video, pictures, voice notes, model attachments, etc.), and it allows users to perform inspections, maintenance, and other complex tasks. The... read more →
Apr 24

“Powering the industry 4.0 revolution in manufacturing with Windows 10 and Microsoft Cloud” – Microsoft

"Taqtile, a leading 3D app development firm and Microsoft partner, is building cutting edge mixed reality based solutions on Windows 10 and Microsoft HoloLens to improve productivity and security in the workplace. Today, many industries such as field service work, manufacturing, and warehousing are experiencing a plateau in productivity... read more →
Feb 16

“Mapping the Future” – Develop

'“Cities can be iconic and add a sense of reality to a game when it takes place somewhere familiar,” Malone says. “The second thing is that, from a developer’s perspective, building content is time consuming and expensive. If you can access content that has already been built and is... read more →
Feb 16
Nov 22
Nov 15
Nov 15

Taqtile Releases HoloMaps for Microsoft HoloLens

Holographic mapping solution designed for organizations seeking better data insights and team collaboration using mixed-reality   SEATTLE, WA, November 15, 2016 – Taqtile, a developer of mobile, virtual, and mixed reality software and solutions, today announced the availability of Taqtile HoloMaps, a 3D holographic map and model explorer for Microsoft... read more →
Nov 14

“Microsoft HoloLens gets 3D maps through Taqtile’s new ‘HoloMaps’ technology” – GeekWire

"Seattle-based Taqtile has developed a new interactive and collaborative 3D maps app for Microsoft’s HoloLens and other virtual and mixed reality headsets — blending the physical and digital worlds for a variety of interesting and practical uses. Unveiled at the Smart City Expo in Spain this week, Taqtile’s new HoloMaps program renders cityscapes, forests and... read more →