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Manifest® digital work instructions are enhanced  with augmented reality, 3D models, audio, video, and PDF manuals making them an invaluable frontline worker aid for completing complex processes accurately and consistently. 

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We have people who have never done any sort of machining or tooling put on a headset and, within a day or two, become an expert in a few areas within the field.

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AR visual work instruction software to standardize work instructions

Manifest’s AR work instructions are easy to create and easy to use, enabling the deskless workforce to scale expert knowledge by documenting and sharing their knowledge to accelerate training and increase productivity, efficiency, and product quality. 

Easily document procedures

Quickly digitize procedures and create step-by-step AR work instructions with AR content without any development or coding. Use your own subject matter experts – no special skills required and no difficult learning curve.

woman using augmented work instructions to complete a job
man performing a task utilizing digital work instructions

Enhance with augmented reality

Add spatially located AR content, such as leader lines and holographs to each step, providing a level of accessibility and explanation unobtainable without augmented reality. Information is always available and expert knowledge scales when and where it is needed. 

Incorporate 3D models

Optionally use animated 3D models and digital twins to provide virtual training or on-the-job guidance. Leverage Azure Remote Rendering to add support for the most complex of models. 

example of augmented reality overlay on a machine
digital work instruction overlay example

Augment with media and documents

Attach and bookmark PDF documents or include videos and images to further explain each step of a work procedure. 

Build dynamic workflows

Create branched work instructions that provide multiple paths and dynamic guidance based on specific criteria submitted by workers. Use this capability to address the skills gap for training and testing purposes as well. 

digital work instruction overlay example for forklift inspection
heads up display of work instructions

Assign, schedule, track and manage jobs

Leverage Manifest’s job management system to schedule, assign and manage specific work procedures for specific equipment and locations. Track job performance by teams and individuals. Analyze results for process improvements.

Coordinate execution between team members

Orchestrate team collaboration with Manifest by assigning specific steps of a procedure to different team members and manage on-the-fly, real-time reassignments and changes as required  on specific criteria inputted by workers. Use this capability to address the skills gap with better training and testing purposes as well.

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Leverage built-in remote communication

Chat with team members, share live videos and documents, and remotely guide less experienced colleagues with built-in, enhanced communication capabilities.  Reach out to colleagues while performing a job and procedural details and status are automatically shared.

Key differentiators with Manifest augmented reality work instruction software

Manifest’s open APIs enable real-time and archived data to be shared with IT systems. Learn more

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