Manifest® makes

everyone an expert
GET DEMO Put knowledge right at their fingertips. Device agnostic and scalable, Manifest is an AR work instruction tool that helps train and upskill your workforce, wherever they may be.

Manifest capabilities

Hands On, Hands Free Learning

Workers learn by doing, with step-by-step guidance, augmented directly over the equipment they’re working on. ​

Quick Start

Begin creating step-by-step, guided instruction in as little as 15 minutes.

5G/MEC Ready

Manifest takes full advantage of extremely low latency, high availability networks to deliver key IIot information and video communications in real time.

Device Agnostic

Manifest is available on HoloLens 1, HoloLens 2, Magic Leap, iPad, Android, and browsers.

IIoT/SCADA Integration

Displays telemetry and alerts with the ability to define thresholds and customize rules.

Open API

Offers easy integration with your back-end systems.

Expert Assist

Users get quick, real-time assistance from experts who can view and direct their screen.

Team Collaboration

Location doesn’t matter—teams can visualize both real-world and immersive content, share jobs/pictures/video/audio/documents, and seamlessly transition tasks across place and time.

Secure Workspace

Designate secure locations, content capture limitations, and offline/online parameters.

3D Models/Digital Twins

Display static and animated 3D models with IIoT telemetry.

Active Directory

Cloud-based directory service integration.

On-the-job Authoring

Create and view step-by-step procedures (including if/then branching) displayed virtually on actual equipment.

Containerized Back-End

Flexible installation can be hosted in Azure, AWS, on-prem, on the edge, or even a laptop.

Maps Integration

Ability to identify assets and associated data based on location.

Shared Experience

Peer-to-peer collaboration tool.

Process Tracking

Allows workers to leave evidence proving accuracy and completion using display notes, videos, photos, and meters.

Offline/Online Access

Author, download, and perform jobs, offline.


No need to type text on your mixed reality device—simply speak and create it, faster.

Group Chat

Provides a collaborative platform to share files, photos, video, and audio.

Scalable Knowledge Base

Allows you to develop a living knowledge base—created by your experts—that’s instantly accessible and available to your entire workforce.

No Programming

Author content without the need for computer programming.

Flexible Administration

Cloud hosted or on-prem deployment. Secure with configurable access control and two-factor authentication. Simple user and role management.

Multi-Lingual Support

A truly global platform that allows you to author instructions in any language.

Own Your Content

Develop and author your own content, with the ability to easily change, edit, or add to your existing processes.

Get Manifest

DESIGN CONTACT US + Cloud Deployment​
+ 3 User Licenses

+ Standard support
+ Self serve training
+ No Template Creation Assistance
+ $5,400 per year
Manifest License
Starter Pack
• One Full License (Admin / Author)
• Two Operator Licenses
Manifest License
& Deployment Pack
+ 5 week engagement annual licenses
+ Cloud Deployment

+ 5 Full Manifest Annual License
+ Instructor-led Training
+ Template Creation Assistance
+ 3D Model Creation / Optimization
+ $35,000 year one
+ $12,000 per year thereafter
• Optional on-prem available
Manifest Quick Start
Pilot Pack
+ 8 week engagement
+ Cloud deployment
+ 5 Full Manifest Licenses (12 weeks)
+ Instructor-led Training
+ Template Creation Assistance
+ Limited 3D Model Optimization​
+ $25,000
+ $12,000 per year thereafter