Aug 06

Military Studies Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Taqtile’s AR Platform

Throughout history, military institutions have been on the forefront of technological innovation, providing both funding, and real-world testing of scientific advancements in many disciplines including mechanical, chemical, and more recently digital. Any tool or technology... read more →
Jun 03

Manufacturing in the “New Normal”

During the most disruptive time of many of our careers and lifetimes, it is hard to even consider what the “new normal” will be in 12, or 18, or even 6 months. We can only speculate.  Yet, history suggests that human resilience and initiative will enable us to adapt and learn to prosper again.  Look... read more →
May 23

Don’t Let This Crisis Go to Waste: Preparing for a Re-opened Economy and Beyond

Welcome to 2020 – wow. Our situation is clear enough. Nonessential businesses are shuttered. Workers in essential businesses are risking their health and even their lives to provide vital goods and services. Many of those workers have fallen ill or succumbed to Covid-19. And many experienced workers now on... read more →
May 22

WHITE PAPER: How 5G and Compute Edge Will Transform Frontline Workers’ Job Instruction Workflow

Excerpt: A frontline worker at a large semiconductor manufacturer has just been warned of a pressure profile trending in the wrong direction which threatens a managed chemical process and could damage product. She has been trained on what to do but she is working in a new area of... read more →