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Manifest® AR Platform for RealWear

RealWear! What’s not to love about their devices?  Lightweight, long battery life, ruggedized and ready for industrial environments – inside and outdoors.  We are excited to announce our support for their devices. Getting the job done requires having the right tool for the job and RealWear’s wearable tablets present another tool to optimize Manifest’s use. 

This select customer release of Manifest for RealWear devices enables an important and popular enterprise-ready form factor choice for Manifest users. As mentioned in our last post, we strive for broad device support to provide our customers with the most flexibility and options to optimize Manifest for a specific task. 

laptop with manifest software


Powerful with Easy Input

Manifest Uses:

Admin and Configuration


Remote Guidance

magic leap augmented reality headset


AR Enabled

Manifest Uses:

In-situ Authoring


HTF7500 E duct connection inspection on smart phone


Ubiquitous and Familiar

Manifest Uses:

Broad Deployment



Remote Assistance

realwear ar helmet


Ruggedized and Lightweight

Manifest Uses:

Broad Deployment

Remote Assistance

Noisy, Bright and Harsh Environments

With an effective 7” display and a voice-driven, hands-free user interface, RealWear devices provide a rugged, enteprise-ready device suited for the most challenging environments. And with a simple user interface and an attractive price point, they are a great choice for deploying widely within your organization. 

We have focused on two key use cases with this release.  First, we have enabled remote assistance capabilities. So workers with a RealWear device will be able to use Manifest to video chat with their colleagues and remote experts for assistance wherever they are. Workers can easily find online colleagues and make a connection to video chat or share see-what-I-see video, photos and files. Remote experts can use Manifest Connect capabilities to provide directional guidance to workers wearing RealWear devices. 

Step-by-step work instructions are also supported.  Workers can scan a QR code to quickly access details about specific equipment as well as any associated procedures, such as a maintenance routine or troubleshooting workflow. They then can step through the instructions as well as review any associated material such as a video or PDF document. For complex procedures, non-linear, branched instructions and embedded procedures are supported. 

Wherever and whenever a deskless worker needs assistance and guidance, Manifest and RealWear provides them instant access to people and information. 

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If you want to talk to someone on our team or see a demo of Manifest running on RealWear devices, let us know here. 

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